Phillip II Delmade
King of New Britannia
Reign 218 1ENB - 247 1ENB
Ruler of Region New Britannia
Predecessor Henry II
Successor James IV
Spouse Anabel Sarenar
Siblings David Delmade, Duke of Sorenia
Issue James IV
Titles His Grace, Phillip II Delmade, King of New Britannia and its Lords, Grand Duke of Arevad
Royal House House of Delmade
Father Henry II
Mother Margaret of Lexallia
Date of Birth 173 1ENB
Date of Death 247 1ENB (aged 74)
Place of Birth Arevad, New Britannia
Place of Death Arevad, New Britannia
Religion Pantheon of the Refined

Phillip II of New Britannia was the thirteenth Monarch of New Britannia. Ascending to power after spending his earlier years managing the city of Arevad, Phillip II came to power after the long and prosperous reign of his father. While he would prove less popular and would be viewed as lesser than his father, he would be held by New Britannians as a stable monarch to have on the throne and a means of continuing the high period brought in by his father's reign. He would continue the territorial and economic growth brought about by his father's reign, and would further reinforce New Britannia's occupation of the Britannian Heartlands. His reign would be stable and relatively peaceful, with only minor border skirmishes in his own lands and even a relative state of peace on the continent of Ancientia, where Britannia's grip continued to slip and New Britannia's grip grew stronger, albeit at that time more peacefully than it had been before and would be after. Henry would die in 247 1ENB and would leave the throne to his son, James IV.

Phillip II of New Britannia
Phillip Delmade
House of Delmade
Regnal titles
Preceded by:
Henry II
King of New Britannia
Succeeded by:
James IV
New Britannian Peerage
Preceded by:
Henry II
Grand Duke of Arevad

Succeeded by:
James IV