James II Delmade
King of New Britannia
Reign 128 1ENB - 147 1ENB
Ruler of Region New Britannia
Predecessor Phillip I
Successor James III
Spouse Elise of Arthal
Siblings Phillip I
Issue James III

Robert II

Titles His Grace, James II Delmade, King of New Britannia and its Lords, Grand Duke of Arevad, Duke of Kingstone
Royal House House of Delmade
Father Joseph I
Mother Laura Kanum
Date of Birth 62 1ENB
Date of Death 147 1ENB (aged 85)
Place of Birth Arevad, New Britannia
Place of Death Arevad, New Britannia
Religion Pantheon of the Refined

James II of New Britannia was the ninth Monarch of New Britannia. Son of Joseph I and brother of Phillip I, James would spend the first half of his life not anticipating becoming King, but rather aspired to what was felt as a worthy and realistic goal of creating a cadet branch of the House of Delmade. James would, however, play a far larger role than his brother in New Britannia itself. While his brother skillfully executed deals that bettered New Britannia and courted peace with the Britannian Empire to their disadvantage, James engaged in domestic politics, overseeing many affairs unofficially during both his father and brother's reigns. He also assisted in formulated the expansion policies of New Britannia as it expanded deeper into Borealia, its home continent. James would ultimately come to realize the decent likelihood of his succession as his brother grew older without children, and soon began preparing himself for the throne. However, by the time of his brother's death, James was himself relatively old and while far healthier than his namesake, James I of New Britannia, he ultimately did not expect to rule for long. Nevertheless he succeeded to the throne in 128 1ENB, though he passed off nearly all of his duties and authority to his son, the future James III. in spite of this he would live far longer than expected, surpassing his grandfather, Robert I in age by ten years. His first son and regent throughout his reign would ultimately succeed him as James III.

James II of New Britannia
James Delmade
House of Delmade
Regnal titles
Preceded by:
Phillip I
King of New Britannia
Succeeded by:
James III
New Britannian Peerage
Preceded by:
Phillip I
Grand Duke of Arevad

Succeeded by:
James III