The Imperial House of Fominov

King-Emperor George VI
Imperial Family
   Prince James & Madame Gwendolineshire
   Princess Alice Charlotte
   Princess Jennifer Elizabeth
   Princess Isabella II & Prince Ian John Locke IV
   Prince Ian John Locke V
   Prince Nicholas Mikhail
   Prince Caleb II
   Princess Rebecca
   Princess Annette
   Prince Clay
   Prince Cole
   Duke James of Balmoral & Duchess Emily
   Duke Matthew of Grand Leeds
   Duke Anthony of Cantium
   Duchess Gracen & Duke William of France
   Baron Henri d' Effiat
   Lord Buckminster
   Lady Marie
   Emperor Ivan Rosanavitch of Greater Antarctica
   Duke Benedict of Noble Britannian
   Duke Brandon of New Britannian Imperium
   Lady Jane Grey and Conservative UK of the United Kingdom
   The Duke of Navillus
   King Caleb III of Denmark
Prince    Nicholas Fominov-Romefeller-Dion-Stuart-Windsor

History Edit

The Imperial House of Fominov was founded by King James Richard I and Queen Melinda Rose of New Britannia. King James Richard I was succeeded by King Caleb I of New Britannian Empire and Queen Isabella.

Royals and Nobles Edit

Living members of the House of Fominov include Duke James of Balmoral, the great uncle of King Caleb I,and Prince Clay and Prince Cole, the King's brothers. The King has two children, Prince James Richard II and Princess Isabella II. Duke James of Balmoral has one daughter who is the King's aunt, Duchess Gracen. Duchess Gracen has three children, Lord Buckminster, Lady Marie, and the youngest, Baron Henri d' Effiat. Duke Matthew Wharton, a Prime Minister of New Britannian Empire, and Duke Anthony of Cantium are also related to the King. They are his fourth cousins. The King also has ties to the royal family of Greater Antarctica. He and Emperor Ivan are fifth cousins and Duke Brandon of New Britannian Imperium is the King's sixth cousin.