Henry II Delmade
King of New Britannia
Reign 171 1ENB - 171 1ENB
Ruler of Region New Britannia
Predecessor Robert II
Successor Phillip II
Spouse Margaret of Lexallia
Siblings Robert, Duke of Kingstone
Issue Phillip II

David Delmade, Duke of Sorenia

Titles His Grace, Henry II Delmade, King of New Britannia and its Lords, Grand Duke of Arevad
Royal House House of Delmade
Father Robert II
Mother Melinda de Niben
Date of Birth 146 1ENB
Date of Death 218 1ENB (aged 68)
Place of Birth Arevad, New Britannia
Place of Death Arevad, New Britannia
Religion Pantheon of the Refined

Henry II of New Britannia was the twelfth Monarch of New Britannia. Due to the existence of his cousin, James, Crown Prince of New Britannia, Henry never expected his father or himself to take the throne of New Britannia. As a result of this he was relatively unprepared when he became Crown Prince upon the death of the previous Crown Prince and the King, leaving his father on the throne at an advanced age and his reign as king a mere matter of (short) time. He undertook immediate political training, learning the best he could, and worked hard to be an independent ruler in spite of his reliance on his advisers in his early reign. The Britannian Empire, thinking New Britannia to be weak under Henry, attempted to oust the unofficial occupation of Kandaria, though soon found themselves at sword point begging for New Britannia's forgiveness. Henry, in what seemed a rash move, ordered the capture and execution of the Emperor of Britannia and an invasion of Britannian territories neighboring Kandaria. The Emperor, once capture, managed to convince Henry to spare him, though Henry forced the Britannian's to concede that while the territories taken from them were still Britannian lands, the monarch of New Britannia was ex officio their local leader. He also mandated that any Britannian Emperor reside in these territories and be banned from leaving them. Ressistance from the rest of the Britannian Empire lead to its continued weakening, and throughout the many years of its de jure Emperors being at the mercy of New Britannia, many outside of New Britannian influence would try to claim the throne of Britannia, though none would succeed. Henry would ultimately oversee an age of little war for New Britannia after this point (though his Britannian Holdings would be under constant threat) and would nearly double the size of his realm in territory by the end of his reign. He would ultimately reign until 218 1ENB, when he would die peacefully in his sleep, succeeded by his son, Phillip II.

Henry II of New Britannia
Henry Delmade
House of Delmade
Regnal titles
Preceded by:
Robert II
King of New Britannia
Succeeded by:
Phillip II
New Britannian Peerage
Preceded by:
Robert II
Grand Duke of Arevad

Succeeded by:
Phillip II